Question 1: Can I pay no down payment in advance while pay the apartment
rent when I check in?
Answer 1: In principle the down payment is necessary to be paid before check-in
to avoid client check-in time uncertainty and apartment vacancy.

Question 2: Can apartment security be guaranteed ?
Answer 2: All apartments are located in top grade downtown communities which provide 24 hours security safeguard. Intelligent IC cards are adopted for every apartment to ensure safety.

Question 3: How can the apartment sanitation be guaranteed?
Answer 3: Before guest moves in the apartment, all bedding is changed, kitchen and bathroom are sanitized. The sanitation requirement meets chinese 3-star or 4-star hotel standard. The bedding is changed for each guest. The bedding is changed every seven days since the client move in.

Question 4: Who is the target HOME client?
Answer 4: The target clients are the people who go to Beijing and Shanghai for business, travel, and need a comfortable apartment with household environment.

Question 5: Must the deposit money be paid when check in?
Answer 5: The apartment provides free and comfortable household environment to all the client. In order to ensure the apartment property safety, clients need to pay depoist money. The deposit money ranges from 500RMB to 1000RMB (about 65 US$ to 130 US$) according to the apartment condition.

Question 6: Can I see the apartment before I make reservation?
Answer 6: We provide the free service to the clients who live more than 1 week. If you want to see the apartment please make a reservation with us. We may not guarantee that we can keep the desired apartment for you.


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